Below you will see a collection of all my public projects, please feel free to use them and create pull requests if the mood strikes you.

Public Libraries

  • Rn.NetCore.Common: common objects for all libs (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.Encryption: encryption abstractions (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.BasicHttp: HttpClient abstraction (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.DbCommon: base DB library (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.Configuration: configuration store (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.MailUtils: simple mail abstractions (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.Metrics: base metric library (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.Metrics.Rabbit: output for RabbitMQ (Github | NuGet).
  • Rn.NetCore.WebCommon: base library used for web-apis (Github | NuGet).

Public Projects