About Me

My name is Richard Niemand and I am a passionate developer and hobbyist by nature. I am always up to the challenge when it comes to taking on new projects and not shy to try something new.

I started my first job working straight out of school for a small IT startup doing everything from computer repairs all the way to developing web applications in 2005. From there I moved more into a developer role up until 2008 when I started working for Derivco as an IT Engineer integrating various applications and running the System Center suite of products.

It soon became clear that I had a passion for development and I started learning C# on the side, and finally landed up working for the Mobile Services team absorbing as much information as I could from the talented people around me. I have never looked back and my passion for development is still going strong.

At home I enjoy tinkering away with Arduino projects and am busy delving into the amazing world of home automation and IoT. With the need to build enclosures for all my projects I have started playing around with 3D printing which is absolutely amazing, and am busy learning all I can about the vast subject.

I have been blessed with an amazing family and love spending time with them just being a dad. Recently (in 2017) we officially became the proud parents of our daughter Sam after years of paper work and dealing with a lengthily adoption. We are gearing up for the next chapter in our lives as we immigrate to Canada to be closer to my wife's side of the family, and look forward to what new opportunities this will bring.

This blog is a collection of all the interesting things I have discovered in my ventures and serves purely as a sounding board for all the awesome things I have discovered. I always welcome feedback / comments on all my posts, as I am always learning and looking for better ways to do things.