Singleton Pattern in TypeScript

Singleton Pattern in TypeScript

Below is an awesome singleton pattern implementation I found deep in the bowels of StackOverflow using TypeScript (adapted from my favorite C#implementation).

This works well if you are wanting to create a single instance class for use through your application such as a logger or user service.

export class Logger {
    private static _instance:Logger = new Logger();

    constructor() {
        if(Logger._instance) {
            throw new Error("The Logger is a singleton class and cannot be created!");

        Logger._instance = this;

    public static getInstance() : Logger {
        return Logger._instance;

    public trace(message: string) {
        console.log('[Trace] ' + message);

    // ...

Using the Logger class is as simple as adding a line like this:

Logger.getInstance().trace("Hello world!")

... or more realistically:

this.logger = Logger.getInstance();

Happy coding :)