Upgrading Home Assistant on DietPi

This is a quick post on how to update Home Assistant running on DietPi or any other Debian build of Linux (e.g. Raspbian).

Stop Home Assistant

systemctl stop home-assistant@homeassistant.service

Switch to the homeassistant user context

If you installed Home Assistant using their installation method chances are you would have installed HASS under a new user context called homeassistant, the below commands will switch you into that context ion order to preform the upgrade.

sudo su homeassistant -s /bin/bash
source /srv/homeassistant/bin/activate

Upgrade Home Assistant

pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant

Exiting the homeassistant context

To switch back to your original user context run the below command.


Starting Home Assistant

systemctl start home-assistant@homeassistant.service

All Done :)

That's it - you can now enjoy the latest features!

As always comments / feedback is always welcome.